Sir James Smith's Community School


Sir James Smith's school understand how difficult teenage years, social influences and education can be for some young people. It is important that our students feel listened to, understood and supported to ensure that their mental wellbeing remains positive and they can enjoy all the opportunities open to them both at school and through our wider community.

Positive mental health and wellbeing will look different for each of us, however, there are common strategies that can support us all with our wellbeing. these include:

  • Structure to our day
  • Stable bedtime routines
  • Healthy diet, through regular meals
  • Daily exercise
  • Embracing the outdoors 
  • Socialising in person with friends and family
  • Managing social media time

Everybody feels moments of pressure through their daily lives, and this is normal, however, for some students this pressure and anxiety can be difficult to overcome. In January 2023 the school carried out a detailed analysis of school, regional, and national mental health and wellbeing data, predominantly supplied from NHS England. This analysis was then married up with the local and national resources available for young people to form a coherent response to supporting students who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing and anxiety which in turn is affecting their health.

This work has culminated in a wide school offer which is summarised in the info graphic below. In addition to this the school are delivering a detailed PSHE curriculum, including half termly assemblies, which support students understanding of their mental health and wellbeing and that of their peers.

The school have very strong relationships with our neighbouring secondary schools and external professionals across the region and will continue to develop our approach to mental health and wellbeing with their support and the resources from some of the very good providers which have been highlighted on this page's links. Please click on these for further information about these organisations

If you would like to speak to someone about your child's mental wellbeing or health then please do not hesitate in contacting the tutor in the first instance.