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A Curriculum Rationale for Physical Education

Whole school curriculum aim – ‘To ensure happy children are able to make interesting choices’

The PE curriculum is designed to inspire all students to succeed and excel in a range of sports and other physical activities. It enables students to become physically confident in ways which will support their health and well-being. In setting a challenging PE curriculum the subject allows students to continuously develop their knowledge, understanding and skills with regards to all elements of sport and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. This respect of their own fitness and wellbeing will continue to progress throughout their educational pathway and into adulthood.   

The PE curriculum provides students with opportunities to intentionally develop positive character traits and life skills in real-time. It's in the midst of a game or a physical challenge that the lessons of patience, teamwork, and responsibility are lived and learned. These experiences are invaluable, as they not only shape students' character values on the playing field but also prepares them for life outside, equipping them with the moral qualities and core ethical values to navigate the complexities of life and the workplace. 


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