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Geography is the study of where places are, what they are like, what life is like in them and how and why they are changing. It can help you to:  

  • Gain a knowledge of the world and understand current events.
  • Appreciate different cultures in this country and abroad.
  • Become aware of physical and human environments.
  • Learn how to become a more sustainable individual.
  • Read and use maps, satellite images and atlases and improve your ICT skills.

You will enjoy the course if you want to study a subject that is relevant to your future, involves practical work outdoors and is studied through investigation not just reading and listening.  Geography is a very broad subject and important for many jobs; knowledge and skills learnt in Geography can help you to understand topics in other subjects. It helps us to learn about our planet – how we use it and how we abuse it.

“Adventure has always been the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there.  And you can have that anywhere.” (Bear Grylls) 

Please click here to see the information in the Curriculum Handbook.