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Key Stage 3

During the course pupils have the chance to listen to a wide variety of music across time and place. There are opportunities to perform and to compose and pupils are encouraged to share and enjoy each other’s work. There are many instruments to use within the department for classroom lessons and also a range of instruments available for individual tuition. Computers can be used for composing tasks and there is a good selection of software for this purpose.

The KS3 schemes of work cover many exciting topics and supports the new emphasis on the contextual influences on music, the role of musicians in society and the communication of articulate feelings and ideas about musical examples and a rich variety of musical activities, both group and individual. 

There is plenty of assessment opportunity and pupils are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

Key Stage 4

You have already gained many of the basic skills needed for this course in your music

lessons over the last three years at Secondary School.

  • You have been introduced to creating music of your own in class and this is developed on the Edexel GCSE course.  For example, this could be a popular song and a dance track, a classical piece or some world music. There is a wide choice and it can be tailored to your own musical interests and strengths.
  • You have already listened to a variety of music in class and these skills are developed as you study some set pieces taken from the Classical,  20th century, Popular and World music Areas of Study.
  • You enjoy making music, either as a soloist or in a group. The GCSE course encourages you to perform music of your own choosing and in any style, as a soloist and also in a group. You are encouraged to look at the many career paths that are on offer.

To take this course, you must be able to offer at least one instrument/or voice.

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